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James Bond Suit

Where Can One Get a Suit Like James Bond?

007, James Bond is one name that can get anyone up from their seats. The amazing person, the extraordinary detective, and the most handsome individual. James Bond is at last back with a bang!...
Trendy Accessories

Top Tips: How to Wear Trendy Accessories

Trends...they come and they go. From the cat-eye sunglasses of the ‘50s to biker shorts from the ‘90s, trends and accessories tend to have a way of cycling through mainstream culture. But knowing the...
Flamingo Jean

New Denim Jeans You Must Have – Flamingo Jean

It's that time of year again when the weather is starting to cool down but you don't want to give up your summer styles just yet. Check out these new denim jeans from Flamingo...
Little Black Dress

Reasons Why a Woman Should Have a Little Black Dress in the Present Days

The little black dress (LBD) is one piece of garment that all women must-have. It’s a closet staple for a reason. For a century, the little black dress has become a versatile wardrobe essential...
fashion trends

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

Whether you are changing your wardrobe by checking out the trending clothes of your favourite influencer or making your own fashion trends. In every sense, fashion is that one dominant name that is enough...
Plus Size Lingerie

5 Plus Size Lingerie Hacks with 5 Bold Plus Size Lingerie to Shop For

A plus size woman is a beautiful one. If you have the curves to die for, then don’t doubt your beauty. You are stunning in this form. It is the societal beauty standard that...

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