Desktop wallpapers have become a must-have for many users. They are not just an entertaining way to decorate a computer desktop but also a way to give it onе’s own style. Often, thanks to a well-chosen background, users set themselvеs up for the right kind of work with their computers. It is also a way for many people to express their individuality. These days, it’s not hard to find and download backgrounds. But in this article, we’re going to look at this issue from a different angle. Here we’ll figure out what tуpe of wallpaper is best for laptops and what kind of backgrounds there are.  We’ll also provide examples of several websites.

What Type of Wallpaper is Best for Laptop?

To ensure that the image on your desktop is displayed clearly and accurately, and thus pleases your eyes, it must meet certain requirements. One of the most common types of backgrounds that are ideal for a laptop is an image with a resolution of 1920х1080 pixels. These are so-called Full HD or 1080p wallpapers. This resolution corresponds to most modern laptops. Thus, it allows you to maintain high image quality. That is, if you download a wallpaper with these settings, it will look clear and beautiful when stretched out on the screen.

When looking for a background for your laptop, it is also important to keep in mind the useful features of the ОS that relate to this issue. One of them is the Click Wallpaper to Reveal the Desktop feature. It adds an animation effect when you click on the screen. And it often looks quite impressive. But it can also have the opposite effect. This feature can bother those who are looking for a quiet desktop. In this case, the question of how to disable “Click Wallpaper to Reveal the Desktop”  will certainly arise every time certain effects occur. To stop displaying the desktop when you click on the wallpaper, you need to disable it. To do this, right-click to open the context menu. In it, select Personalization or Properties. Go to the Wallpaper or Background section. Look for the option Show desktop or click Wallpaper to open the desktop.  Turn it off by changing the settings. And save your changes.

This way, you can enjoy your background of choice without unnecessary animations and interruptions to your workflow.

Good Desktop Backgrounds

Choosing a desktop background is, of course, a personal matter for each individual. It all depends on one’s personal preferences and mood. However, there are certain directions according to which desktop backgrounds can be combined into definite categories. And here they are.

Natural landscapes

They will create an atmosphere of calm and naturalness on your desktop. So, if you’re looking for tranquility, then backgrounds with crystal clear mountain lakes, emerald forests, or seascapes with sunset will suit you.


In contrast to the previous one, urban fans will like backgrounds with images of skyscrapers, lights of a metropolis that does not sleep even at night, and street views in general.

Science fiction and Fantasy

Fans of fantasy and science fiction should like wallpapers with images of fantasy worlds, mythical creatures, and space.

Abstract artistic masterpieces

If you’re looking for something unique, then abstrаct wallpapers might be the right choice for you. They allow you to express your creative personality and style.

Various Genre Sites

Various Genre Sites

Wallpaper Abyss

This wide collection of desktop wallpapers includes a variety of styles and themes. You can find here both natural landscapes and cityscapes, as well as movie and video game images. The site offers high-quality pictures in various resolutions.


A specialized resource for desktop backgrounds. Here you can find images by different criteria (resolution, color palette, popularity, etc.). The database is constantly updated with new products.


A well-known resource with free high-quality photos and images, including desktop wallpapers. Here you can find a variety of options for every taste.

Wallpapers Wide

Another website that offers a wide range of different desktop wallpapers. Here, too, you can find images in multiple resolutions.

Desktop Nexus

This site is a community of wallpaper fans that brings together photographers and creative people. The site has a large number of various categories of wallpapers. Including sci-fi, animals, cars, and many others.

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Hopefully, thanks to what you’ve read, you now understand how to choose a wallpaper as a desktop background so that it displays well. You also now have a list of sites that should help you find backgrounds according to your preferences or mood at a particular moment. In any case, don’t forget that the choice of wallpaper can affect your mood and productivity. So, choose something that you like and at the same time puts you in a good mindset.


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