Earrings are one of the most beautiful accessories that every woman loves to wear to flaunt their beauty and personality. Besides this, Choose Perfect Earrings which will make you look classy and elegant but only if it suits your face shape. Earrings are the perfect option to receive attention and compliment your features. But pairing the right earrings according to face shape is very crucial as the right match can distract others from watching you and can make you feel less confident too. Moreover, picking the right accessories as per your outfit and face type can make a huge difference in your style and appearance.

Tips to Choose Perfect Earrings

So, here we have explained the distinct face shape types and how to pick the earrings according to these which can help you ace your appearance without any troubles. 

Oval Face Shape

If your face is oval and your cheekbones and forehead are of the same width then your chin might be somewhat narrow. With such a face type, you can almost go with any type of earring of any shape. Like triangular earring or wearing simply the studs can make you look at your best. Moreover, pearls, oval diamond drop earrings, and teardrops would be the best options for adding the compliments to your overall looks. And you are even luckier as most of the earrings fit the best for oval-shaped faces. So, don’t hesitate to try various styles on your face. 

Round Shaped Face

A round face means you have widest cheekbones with no chin type at all. This means your face has a circular outline and your forehead is narrower when compared to cheekbones. For such face shape, dangles or drop earrings suits the best as these elongate the face and make your face look slimmer. Avoid the earrings with a circular shape, button studs, hoops or of large size as it will make your face look more chubby further emphasizing the roundness of face only. 

Square Face Shape

Square shape as the name itself means all your nose, cheekbones, and forehead would be of small width. And for softening such hard edges of your face, you can go with earrings of mid-length with round edges. For the gals with a square shape, circular earrings with hoops work the best. So, stay away from square-shaped earrings and hooped earrings so that you face angularity isn’t reinforced. 

Heart-Shaped Face

The women’s with a heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead and slimmer cheekbones and chin. For a heart-shaped face, trying the earrings that are wider from the bottom style would be the best. Going with the teardrop or chandelier earrings will help you flaunt your appearance. Moreover, pairing up with drop-style earrings would also help you soften your features too. So, choose the earrings that fill the bottom portion of the face and makes it look more balanced.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is somewhat similar to that of circular shape. And if you are the one having a diamond face shape then your cheeks would be wider as that of forehead and chin. However, you might have a sleeker or pointed chin. So, to enhance your beauty, it would be much better to choose the earrings that are much wider than those of your features and are short in length. Flatter your face shape by picking the perfect pair of earrings like teardrops, hoop diamond earrings, and more. 


Apart from face shapes, there are many other things to consider when picking the earrings. Look for the type of occasion, choose the earrings according to your lifestyles like whether you are an office going women or a housewife. Moreover, personality also matters when choosing any accessory. Last but not least, what is your face color also matters a lot, so analyze your skin type, tone and then choose the one that will make you look fabulous and classy. If we talk about the bone structure then also it is very significant to analyze it to further decide the length and weight of earrings to buy. For instance, for small bone structure, it would be better to go with the fine, delicate, and flat earrings.

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Similarly, you need to go the same way for other distinct bone structures. So, ultimately you are aware of various tips for how to choose the perfect earning as per your face type, its the time to take some action. Begin with analyzing your face shape and get the best custom jewelry or pair of earrings for the upcoming event. All the Best!


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