The calendar is approaching Halloween and we will be standing in our Halloween party in a few days. While Halloween contact lenses are a luxury to have for Halloween, nothing quite beats the Sclera Halloween contact lenses in providing that out-of-this-world look.

They are larger in size, they cover your eyes completely, hence called Sclera, and they give you a look which can make your Halloween costume and overall look terrifyingly amazing.

But because they are so big in size, that they cover your eyes completely, they are actually hard for users to put in their eyes. And likewise they are difficult for some, especially those who are using them for the first time, to take off.

Over here we will discuss how we can take them off and put them in.

How To Put In Halloween Sclera Contact Lenses

They must be different from other regular Halloween contact lenses as they are bigger in size. But, there is one rule that must be followed for every type of contact lenses. That iron rule is that you need to get your hands clean, wash them with warm water and then dry them off with a clean wipe so there is no dirt particle on your hand. After that you may touch your Sclera Halloween contacts

  1. The conventional method of putting them on

They might be bigger in size and look different but the method to put in your Sclera lenses is almost similar. Shall we begin then?

Start by holding up your upper eyelid with your index or middle finger, whichever you are comfortable with.  With that done, you need to use your thumb of the same hand to hold down your lower eyelid so that your eye is now completely open.

Now by tilting your head upwards place the lens in the surface of your eye so that it slides in and settles on your eye. Don’t release the eyelids right now, make sure that you can feel the lens settled in your eye and then gradually release the eyelids so that it has settled in perfectly. Look in every direction to make sure your lens is moving without irritation your eye. If that is ok, you are good to go.

  1. Look down method of putting in Sclera Halloween contact lenses

This method is a bit different, but the idea is same, all you need to do is place a mirror right below your head on the table because you will be looking down while putting in your Sclera lenses. While holding the Sclera Contact lenses on your preferred hand cup side up.

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Now what you have to do is follow the same method we mentioned earlier. Like holding down the lower eyelid with the thumb and holding up the upper eyelid with the index finger.Place in the lens and let it slide in. Just like before, try to look here and there to make sure the lens has settled in perfectly.

How to remove the Sclera Halloween contact lenses safely.

  1. Again, start by maintaining the hygiene of your hands, wash them properly.
  2. Use your thumb to hold down the lower eyelid and index finger to hold the upper eyelid.
  3. now, while you are looking up, use the index finger of other hand to slide the lens a little towards downside.
  4. After that use your thumb and finger to hold the lens from both sides so that it lifts from the surface.
  5. Take off your lens now and clean it with a disinfectant solution. Now place it in the storage filled with the same solution.

Other Safety Tips

As mentioned earlier, Sclera lenses are not regular contact lenses and will require more time getting used to. So follow these steps to ensure safety

  1. Do not get hasty, take your time. Wear the lens and try to get used to it by blinking and looking everywhere. It is not everyday that you wear something which completely cover your eyes.
  2. Keep your lenses away from cosmetic products like powder, eyeliners and similar product. You cannot afford to have particles on your lenses which you are supposed to wear on your eye.
  3. If your nails are bigger, which they are, be very careful and gentle with your lenses. As they are delicate and soft, your big nails can tear them and you will be without Sclera lenses right before the party.
  4. As Sclera Contact lenses cover the whole area of your eye, they do not allow much oxygen to pass through. That is why you need to wear Sclera lenses only for the time you are attending your party. Do not overuse the for the sake of your eyes. Otherwise your eyes will get dry and will irritate. Keep your solution with yourself in order to re-wet your eyes after intervals.

I hope this information on Halloween Sclera Contact Lenses will help you in future.


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