Decorate your home is an art and requires constant inspiration and hard work. Talk to an interior designer, and they will tell you that designing a house is all about art which lasts for a while. An everlasting interior is hard to find you do have to keep changing it up. But if you follow the trends and what your heart wants, you will have an interior that makes you happiest for long.

Using these tips, you can decorate your home

The interior sets the tone of the house. Thus, people take a lot of time to decide what goes where. If you are in the middle of Decorate Your Home, here are some insights from celebrities’ designers. These interior designers have worked with top celebrities. We all love watching Architectural Digest see how celebrities decorate their house. 

1.Inculcate the outdoor feeling into your home

Kari Whitman, a celebrity designer who has worked with Antonio Banderas and other known actors, says that having an outdoor feeling to decorate Your Home is necessary. If you have an apartment with outdoor space like a balcony or a backyard, it is perfect. You can grow plants and flowers so that your house has a wholesome feel.

If your apartment doesn’t have one or the balcony is too small for plants, get indoor plants. They not only purify the air but will give a nice touch to your rooms. Also, you can add some herbs to your kitchen. It will make your kitchen smell nice, and you can use fresh herbs for your meals.

2.Latest technologies

A lot of celebrity homes have the latest technologies which make their home more of an experience. So, try your hands on the latest technology which is under your budget. Smart Android TV or home studio, virtual assistant, and so on. All these can help you give a modern vibe to your home.

3.Add an abundance of light

If you think that painting your house white will help with light, you are wrong. It will brighten up the place for sure, but you need more things to let the natural light come in. For instance, adding big antique mirrors can help you get maximum light in the room. Also, if you are constructing the house, add windows with glasses so that sun rays can come through.

Of course, then you have your artificial lightning which if places rightly can help lighten up a room well. These suggestions are not mine, but of Adam Roston, a designer from AD.

4.Quality furniture

Your furniture can set your room and house apart. All these celebrities don’t buy furniture from Home center or Wall-mart.

They hand-pick the wood, usually an antique one, and then style it out in a unique manner. Dakota Johnson used the tree that came with her house to create a beautiful piece of sofa. You can do the same. If you want a unique personality, come up with a design that shows it, and build it.


If you are renovating the house, and don’t want to go overboard, the best thing is wallpapers. Use vibrant and colorful wallpapers. They are easy to stick too. Also, you can print posters using Canva and add them to your room for more variety.

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Set a budget and then pick some of the most affordable and versatile ideas from this list. Keep it simple and authentic to your heart, and it will make your house look beautiful.


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