Once you have decided to buy an engagement ring, the next challenges are already approaching. Which model, which size, and more importantly: which diamond? 

Research on the Internet opens up completely new worlds and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Because the ring model is far from everything. It depends on the origin and quality of the diamond. And of course, you want it at the best price.

Budget question – how much should an engagement ring cost?

Before you plunge into the choice of ring models, you should set the budget. There are various guides to this, but no uniformly defined number. The range of various recommendations for the value of an engagement ring ranges from 1 to 3 net monthly salaries. Ultimately, however, this thing is individual. The most important thing is that you use the best options for your own personal budget.

The right ring model

Most of the time it is the walk to the jeweler that serves as inspiration when it comes to choosing the ring model. The best preparation in this case is to plan ahead and be sensitive. With engagement rings London UK, the will tell you which ring models are suitable. Don’t be misled by advice from outsiders. Because even if the partner is generally sporty and plainly dressed, there may be a desire for a glamorous or unusual ring. So nothing is better than asking a little about what your loved one would like to wear.

The budget also plays a role in the ring model. and halo rings are more expensive because the ring band is set with small diamonds. So if it is important to you that the main stone is as large as possible, it is recommended to use the solitaire ring.

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Dear gentlemen, listen very carefully the next time you are “window shopping” with your girlfriend! When buying a ring, many men are accompanied by the mother, sister, or best friend of the adored, who knows their taste best.

Calculate the correct ring size?

Best of all, the man secretly chooses the best engagement rings London for his loved ones and brings a ring that the bride wears on the left ring finger. If despite all efforts, the engagement ring turns out to be too big or too small, it can usually be easily changed by the custom engagement rings London.

How are diamonds rated?

How much you have to pay for a diamond depends on the size and various factors. Experts rate diamonds according to the so-called “four Cs”: cut, color (color), clarity, and weight (carat). The most common diamond cut shape is the brilliant cut, but also the drop, princess, or baguette-cut are often used for engagement rings. You can find more tips and information on gemstones and precious metals in the 

Classic solitaire ring

Your style is classically elegant and does not follow short-lived trends. You want a timeless engagement ring that won’t lose any of its fascinations. A classic ring can be get from Bespoke Forever with a large solitaire diamond, which is held securely by six filigree platinum prongs.

Memory ring in combination with solitaire

You cannot decide whether the engagement ring of your dreams should be a solitaire (with a large jewel) or rather a memory model (with many small stones)? No problem – because the exclusive engagement ring from Fischer wedding rings is both! A large, claw-set brilliant and 100 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the ring made of 585 white gold, which sparkles enchantingly on the hand with every movement.

Princess ring

The best is just good enough for you. You love to get attention and let the whole world know that your loved one has proposed to you! An engagement ring to your taste combines a large solitaire with numerous smaller diamonds that flank the center stone – pure glamor. Like the application ring made of platinum 950 by Christian Bauer, in which the main stone sparkles with countless shoulder diamonds.

Band ring with diamonds

The classic solitaire ring with a large main stone is too “typical engagement ring” for you? A modern alternative is a memoir or band ring, in which many smaller diamonds/stones are lined up. The advantages: On the one hand, a band ring can be very harmoniously combined with your wedding ring, on the other hand, most models can be supplemented with additional stones on special occasions.


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