What comes to mind when you hear wedding bells or get an invitation to a fancy party? What to wear! Social obligations should not bind your dress choice. Instead, it would help if you were more focused on what makes you feel good. Combining style with comfort is the ultimate goal for every fashionista, according to the experts at virtue+vice. A long-tail dress might be a fascinating option if you also want the same for an upcoming event. 

They are not just pretty but make you feel like they are straight out of a Disney movie. Here is what you should keep in mind before buying one:

The Type of Event

The type of event helps you decide the dress you should be wearing. Before choosing a long-tail dress, you must consider what others would be wearing. If it’s a wedding, maybe you should let go of the idea because you will never want to steal someone’s thunder unless you have chosen a plain fabric. Moreover, keeping the tail shorter will bring both the comfort and the formal look you are opting for. There are many ways you can carry a long-tail dress according to the events.

The Venue

The gowns and dresses undoubtedly look great, but they become really difficult to carry if the place you are heading to is not comfortable. Considering the venue before wearing a long-tail dress enables you to keep your poise intact. Opt for comfortable knee-length wear for outdoor events if the event is in a garden or the floor isn’t smooth. You will surely want to enjoy the event you are preparing so much for! Choose your dress wisely!

The Length of Tail

The length of your dress’s tail is important as it can turn a formal dress into an extra fancy one. Why do people still remember Lady Diana’s iconic wedding dress? It was its 25-foot tail that made the headlines, and even after decades, people vividly remember the waves it created in the fashion industry. If you are looking for a long-tail dress for your wedding or photoshoot, you can keep it as long as you love it. However, if it is for a friend’s wedding or a party, consider keeping the tail small or middle-length, it will work great as per the vibe of your event, and the dress will be easy to walk with. 

Focus on the Dress’s Width

Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s funny walk video at a recent event in that tightest dress ever? What makes you think you should prioritise comfort, your appearance, or both? To simply put, you should be considering both! Wearing a figuring kissing gown sounds great but carrying them is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are wearing a fishtail dress, be very particular about its width and make sure you can walk comfortably before heading for the event. 

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The Bottom Line

There is no doubt about the fact that long-tail dresses make you look the epitome of beauty and grace. They bring all the glamour and fancy aura that every woman loves to have. The key to dressing well is to wear what makes you feel good about yourself and what makes you look good. Never forget the mantra, when you look good, you feel good! 


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