It’s no surprise that the Casino Dress is a hotspot for men looking to socialize and have some fun. No matter what city you live in, your local casino is likely to be full of men having a good time. From the good-looking waitresses to the free drinks, sports betting and James Bond-style gambling scene, casinos are essentially a haven for all things masculine.

But once you’ve decided to go to your local casino and other, (and set your gambling budget) one thing remains to be decided – what should you wear to the casino?

Does it matter what you wear to the casino?

Deciding on an appropriate outfit for any night out is something that a lot of men struggle with, and when you add in the fact that a lot of casinos operate a dress code, that pressure only increases.

Yes, a lot of casinos – in fact, most casinos – have a dress code. If you don’t abide by the dress code the casino has set (which will usually be laid out on their website) they can refuse you entry – and believe us when we tell you that the casino staff won’t hesitate to cut your night short if they’re not happy with your look.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you decide what to wear and deconstruct the intimidating world of casino dress codes.

Why do casinos have a dress code?

Casinos have a dress code to establish an atmosphere, and to impress upon people that they should conduct themselves as they would in any other upmarket establishment. Casinos work hard to distance themselves from the idea that gambling is “seedy” and to make sure people don’t behave as if they are in a sports bar or nightclub.

Casinos want people to behave well, for the enjoyment of all their customers – and their staff – and dressing well is part of how they get you to behave. (Failing that, they also have security guards on-site.)

What should you wear to the casino?

Casino dress codes usually state that you cannot wear a hat, and some also state that you cannot wear sunglasses inside. For the most part, you’ll also have to dress smartly, or at least smart-casual.

If a casino has a smart-only dress code, you’ll have to wear smart trousers and a shirt. A jacket and tie won’t go amiss here either. You’re more likely to see this kind of dress code at the most upmarket casinos.

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Some casinos will have a smart-casual dress code, you’ll be able to wear good quality jeans (not scruffy jeans or jeans with holes!) with a shirt or polo top.

Here are a couple of outfits that you can wear to the casino:


  • Chinos
  • A short-sleeved polo top
  • Smart sneakers


  • Pressed (or at least ironed) button-down shirt
  • Formal trousers
  • Brogues

Under no circumstances should you wear t-shirts, flip flops or sandals, or casual shorts to the casino – unless you really want to be denied entry at the door when you arrive with your friends.

Have fun!

Just because you’re dressed up doesn’t mean you can’t relax. Don’t forget that you’re at the casino to have a good time, so enjoy the atmosphere, treat yourself to a few bets and a few drinks, and have a night to remember. Who knows, you might even go home with a few extra bucks.


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