Sensitive skin is a very touchy topic of discussion for people who have it. It needs a lot of extra attention, care and needs to be protected but with gentleness. Why not pamper yourself with some really amazing organic skincare? This blog is here from Earthy Selections to help you out with our selection of 5 amazing all-natural, vocally local beauty products!

  • Just Herbs Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment Kit)

It comprises 3 potent products to stave off persistent acne. An all-in-one skincare solution for acne-prone skin. This ayurvedic formulation consisting of neem, orange, arjuna tree bark and nutmeg is a gentle but powerful way towards your clear, acne-free skin.

Gift-Worthy Features:

  1. Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash: A paraben/SLS free natural cleanser that deep-cleanses the face while moisturising sensitive skin gently.
  2. Advanced Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment: A face pack containing neem & orange-peel, it targets acne-causing bacteria. Make a thick paste with water, curd and lemon juice, soak and apply on affected regions liberally. Wash off when just dried.
  3. Neempure Skin Purifying Neem Pack: Use this face pack as a post-acne skin treatment. When breakouts subside, you can apply this pack to fade out acne marks.
  • Enn’s Closet After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask

This exotic facial gel is an oil-free, intensely nourishing product. It’s made up primarily of aloe vera gel—the evergreen elixir of skincare—and pomegranate juice, that fights free radicals to protect sensitive skin from premature ageing.

Gift-Worthy Features:

  1. Overnight application without weighing down the skin, allows it to breathe easy.
  2. Hydrating, nourishing and healing properties, that you absolutely need for your sensitive skin.
  3. Wake up with a dewy look, rejuvenated and energized skin! It lightens pigmented, dull skin and rebalances its pH level.
  • Forest Essentials Natural Deodorant with Sweet Orange & Cardamom

It’s rare to find a deodorant that smells so delicate and feminine, and yet organically made! The product has a fresh, citrusy fragrance laced with cardamom’s gentle heat. Other ingredients like aloe vera, Anantmool & Kasturi manjal, and neem have brightening, soothing and purifying effects without the irritation that other chemical deodorants have. Moreover, it’s aluminium-free, making it a sustainable and natural skin-friendly product for sensitive skin!

Gift-Worthy Features:

  • Accentuates your natural scent without disturbing the natural perspiratory process.
  • Gets rid of the bacteria that thrive on sweat accumulated in the under-arm region.
  • Fine mist that does not discolour, but rather evens out the skin tone and texture.
  • Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream

This COSMOS Natural certified brand delights with its unusual but pretty effective products! If you are looking for a hand & foot cream that is tailor-made for your dryness-prone sensitive skin, look no further. Rich, creamy texture with myrrh, coffee infused almond oil, kokum and mango seed butter provide the intense nourishment with gentle care that your sensitive skin needs.

Gift-Worthy Features:

  1. Can be used on both roughened cuticles and dry, cracked heels for immediate visible effect.
  2. A pleasant smell that lingers on, but not irritating at all.
  3. Comes with a tiny spoon to scoop out a dollop of this butter, for no-skin contact use.
  • The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask

What can be a better way to unwind on a lazy Sunday than a fragrant candle, your favourite Spotify lo-fi tracks and a relaxing hour of sheet mask therapy? This revolutionary Korean beauty hack is sensational: no one can have just one.

Gift-Worthy Features:

  • The brand has a variety of key organic ingredients like red ginseng, green tea, rice, potato, blueberry, and so on in one single air-thin sheet.
  • Each type of sheet mask targets a specific issue: dryness, acne, pore shrinking, brightening, etc. that work well for sensitive skin users.
  • The sheet masks can be reused. Wash and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 times, for hygiene purposes.

Believe me! You are beautiful, in and out. The best gift that you can give yourself is confidence and self-love. To make yourself glow from within, all you need is a pinch of joy. We hope that this assortment of gift-worthy products will make your day happier, and weave magic in your daily skincare!


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