Lingerie is a very essential part of clothing for every woman out there. The right kind of lingerie makes women love her body, feel great, confident, and just slay any kind of look. With the growing importance of intimate clothing and advancement of the online shopping world, several lingerie brands have been launched in India, each offering a beautiful and comfortable range of lingerie sets. Read on to know about the top Five lingerie brands in India.

 Five Famous Lingerie Brands in India

1) Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets is one of the top lading lingerie brands in India. From basic styles of bras for daily wear to fashionable and fancy ones for special occasions, this famous online brand has it all. It has an attractive range of lingerie including camisoles, nightwear, bridal bras, lacy and wrap gowns, all made with A grade quality fiber which offers utter softness and comfort. This brand has almost all the colors and sizes available for each style of bra. The prices are a bit high but the kind of lingerie sets they offer is worth all the money.

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2) Bwitch

Another great brand in India that offers a huge range of beautiful, seductive, and extremely comfortable lingerie sets is Bwitch. This amazing brand is not only famous for its bras and panties but also its nightwear and loungewear. This brand aims to fulfill all the necessities of intimate clothing that a woman needs in her everyday life and due to this reason, the brand Bwitch has got almost all kinds of bras made with ultra-soft fabric like cotton, silk, and nylon. This brand too is on the expensive side, but the range of alluring and vibrant lingerie sets that they have got for every young and modern woman out there is truly amazing.

3) Zivame

The brand Zivame was founded in the year 2011 with a vision of offering stylish, comfortable, and well-fitted bras for women of all ages and since then it has become one of the most popular Indian lingerie brands. This online brand has a huge variety of bras that are made of high-quality nylon fiber. Some of the varieties include padded, non-padded, push-up, sports, strapless, nursing, maternity, plunge, camisole, each available in attractive colors and sizes. They also have a range of padded wireless bras for daily wear. The price range of Zivame lingerie starts at INR 250 and goes on till INR 3000. This online brand offers a lot of amazing offers and discounts from time to time. This is a good place to buy night dress for honeymoon to add charm in the night.

4) Clovia

This brand initially started with the name ‘The secrets of Cloe’ but after some time the name was changed to Clovia. This brand had a few ups and downs in the starting, but as years passed by, Clovia became one of the most famous lingerie brands in India. The kind of fabric and raw material they use for designing and manufacturing their lingerie sets is pure of high quality and offers ultimate comfort and a luxurious feeling to every woman. They have a pretty huge range of velvety and satin lingerie with almost all kinds of varieties including padded, non-padded, strapless, seamless, strapped, camisoles where all come in attractive models, sizes and colors. The price range starts at INR 199 and goes on till INR 1499.

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5) Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee is probably the first Indian lingerie brand to launch a range of bras exclusively designed for traditional Indian attire like salwar kameez. This bra brand has a beautiful collection of dewdrop bras, shape up, college-style bras, seamless bras for tight clothing, strapless bras for off-shoulder tops, and dresses. They also have a huge range of bridal bras, camisoles, panties, and night wears. All of these come in vibrant colors, patterns, styles, and sizes. The Daisy Dee lingerie sets make women look gorgeous in any Indian or another attire she puts on. The price range of this popular brand is also fair. It starts at INR 124 and goes on till INR 1400.


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