Nail art or nail design is a very simple concept in fashion- that is used to decorate a finger or toenail by pastel nail art designs or pastel nail art. They are primarily used to enhance the looks when you wear a dress every day. Now to look more beautiful such fashionable activities that allow creativity and their own style of expression, nail design, and art, are considered to be a significant part of the fashion and gorgeousness. Various nail designs and nail arts can be found on the best designers’ latest catwalk of Hollywood stars and of the celebrities who are often found to appear on the red carpet of the hottest new nails trends, and of course you can create your own pastel nail art.

pastel nail art

First You Have to Learn That How to Do Pastel Nail Design?

If you want your nails to look their best, copy your favorite star’s nails or pick a great design from the web to achieve the desired look. This is the easiest way to do pastel nail designing very quickly. But there are some other possibilities that can help you in this situation. Here is the list of methods that can be helpful in doing pastel nail design in no time.

  • Salon

The simplest option is to visit a nail salon or the nail bar. They will have nail technology, should be able to create any design you want. But this can be an expensive way if your desired design is tough to make.

Girl Hand Nails

  • Kit

Because they give you everything so you need to start with a nail kit that is so useful for the beginners. So they generally hold the bottom and top coatings, polishing and color, special brushes or RBI tools, different patterns, stickers and pins kit for designing and can sometimes precious stones, jewelry or flash depends. You can even get a nail art pen and let you draw directly to the nails; get yourself a completely unique design kit. If you want to enter the pastel coloured nail designs, a manicure kit may be the ideal starting point. You can buy manicure sets from some of the biggest retailers.

Pastel kit

  • Tutorials

If you want to avoid the cost of a nail salon or just have a lot of tutorial guide about pastel coloured nail art. Then you can also do a quick Google search and YouTube for more help. In order to obtain the desired design or art, if you are not going to a nail salon; you need the best tools and supplies. The nail brush and nail files are also very important. Stamps and nail dotting tools may need to create a specific design.

Pastel Nail Art Designs and Types

Once you decide to create your own pastel color nail, you’ve got all the tools you need to do this; you need to decide on a design that you want to try. Some of the more common designs are:

    • Glitter: The most common type of Pastel Nail Art is Glitter. They are very luxurious, elegant, and easy to use. It can also be considered as a manicure type because you can do it yourself by simply applying 2-3 coats on a clear base.

glitter design

    • Flowers: This is a little bit complex and requires expertise to make a flower design on nails. This is time-consuming if you want to do it yourself. But once you do it on a regular basis then you can make flower pastel design in no time.


    • Bow:  Simple but a classy one. One of the easiest designs to make while going on a party or function. All you need is a base, either color or clear, and black paint to make the bow. You might also be interested in Five Famous Lingerie Brands.

pastel nail art bow

    • Spots / Dots:  As you can see, you can also make a nail paint design with help of dots and spots.

pastel nail art dots

    • Holiday Themed – Such as the Easter Bunnies:  Got an invitation to the party? Is it a theme base? Then all you need to uplift your looks is a themed nail art design.
  • Easter Bunny Nail Paint
    • Two Tones: In a rush? Try this best, easiest, cheapest, and will be done in no time pastel nail design with the help of two nail paints only.

pastel nail art two tones

    • Animal prints: Animal lovers love to paint their nails with special nail paint available in the market. These are available in an ample number of colors and themes.

animal prints

    • French Manicure

French Manicure

These are just some of the many designs you can go to. Alternatively, you can take classes at your local nail salon too. A quick search will find you an endless supply of design and different pastel color nail ideas. Remember it is the most significant creative way, to express your creative ideas, and most importantly you may have some fun also!

  • Alternative Designs

We have also shared some alternative designs for you, so that you can select from our website and you don’t have to visit other sites.

    • Pastel Nais Art 1

Ready made Nail Art 1

    • Pastel Nais Art 2

Dark Nail Art 2

    • Pastel Nail Art 3

Red Nail Art 3

    • Pastel Nail Art 4

Salon Nail Art 4

    • Pastel Nail Art 5

Flower Nail Art 5

    • Pastel Nail Art 6

Colored Nail Art 6


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