Aries dates span is from 21 March to 19 April of each year. It is at first position in the zodiac system. The sign for it is RAM and the element is Fire. Two major birthstones are dedicated to Aries that are March Aries Birthstone and April Aries Birthstone. March Aries stone is aquamarine whereas April Aries stone is diamond. In the current literature our focusing gemstone is diamond.

April Birthstone for Adornment 

Diamond is one of the most appreciated gemstones for personal adornment and beautification. Aries Birthstone Color is the main factor for the attraction of diamonds. The most selected color for adornment is white. Diamond in white color sparkles with high intensity whereas it also produces less sheen with high colors. The mineral gemstones always have birthmarks. A diamond without birthmarks is rare and precious.

Broad Description of Aries Birthstone

Chemically a diamond is made of carbon atoms that are linked through tightly covalent bonds. This tight boding of stone makes it a durable and versatile stone.

Diamonds are the hardest stones in the world. There is no second stone in the world matching its hardness properties. This trait makes it a suitable object for cutting purposes.

Rock cutting saws and drilling blades for mining are made of diamond. Further it has a high refractive index that produces high level luster in the stone. Because of the explained attributes, it is used in special lenses where durability is the basic requirement.

Gem Diamonds

Gem diamonds are those stones that are used for ornamentation. They are rare and beautiful. These stones are embedded in the jewelry. Moreover, Aries gemstones have a lesser amount of impurities. Optical attributes of the Aries stone have delivered the stone a wonderful introduction in the market.

Diamond possesses adamantine, it means its luster in non-metallic. This sparkling property allows the white light to reflect with maximum intensity. When a diamond is fixed in jewelry items for ornamentation intentions, facet angles are adjusted in such a manner to bounce back maximum light from its surfaces.

With a proper cut on the surface of the diamond, maximum light disperses and integrates into its constituents colors. This feature of diamond enables it to produce a colorful “fire”. It means Aries stone acts like a prism.

Quality of Aries Gemstone

The quality of Aries Birthstone is accessed with four factors that are color, cut, clarity and carat.

Color of Aries Stone

 Like other gemstones Diamonds are in nature in all colors tones but the most valuable is white. This color tone of the stone is ruling in the market because of its matchless attributes. Many of the customers are always insistent about it.

Today the customers are becoming familiar with the features of the colored diamonds. Therefore, these diamonds are also growing it’s value in the market. For such Aries birthstone always keep in mind the factors like intensity, purity and quality of the color.

The classification of the color scheme of diamond is set in alphabetical grade. The dedicated grades range for white or colorless diamonds is from D to F.  The diamonds below grade F also possess glittering attributes but their color tone is stronger.

Clarity of Aries Birthstone

Diamonds naturally come into existence under high level chemical reactions. During these chemical changes diamond rocks melt and some other materials mix in the diamond rocks. The material of the neighboring rocks also becomes part of the diamond rocks. The residues of other rocks in diamonds are known as birthmarks. There are two types of birthmarks, inclusions and blemishes. The impurities inside the Aries Birthstones are inclusions and those on the surface are blemishes.

It is a challenge for the geologists to search for a piece of a diamond that is completely free from impurities. However, it is possible to search for a diamond having minimized level impurities.

Role of Cut in Sparkling of Aries Birthstone

 Application of workman for cutting on the surface of the stone defines the outlook of a diamond. The brilliance factor of the stone has association with application of the right cut on the surface of a diamond. 

Role of Carat for Market Value of Aries Birthstone

The entire trade of the diamond is dependent on the carat of the stone. Carat is the weight measuring unit of the Aries Birthstone. One carat is equal to 1/5 mm that is divided into 100 equal points. Reduction in one point of the diamond also decreases its price.

For shopping for diamonds, always keep in mind two factors; size and carat of the stone. These factors are different physical quantities. The matching size for one carat of diamond is 6.5 mm in diameter. 

Synthetic and Mineral Aries Birthstones

Laboratory created diamonds are comparatively less precious but produce more sheen as they are free from the birthmarks. Whereas natural diamonds are precious and have birthmarks. You can find a single diamond with minimized birthmarks out of 5000.


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