Being a Fashion Blogger has become a trend in the present, a trend that is highly witnessed on all social media platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube.

The number of these influencers is so staggering that nobody can count them. The social media users are the sole reason for their heightened popularity and fame.

Megan Ellaby, Emma Hill, Kaushal Beauty and I Covet There are some big names in this world in Britain.

So, what do the bloggers do that is so exciting?

What is it about fashion blogging that makes them financially independent on this source?

Well, the answer is people perception of fashion. The majority of them love it. Fashion is a constant part of our lives that needs to be updated and upgraded regularly. Since the bloggers help in that, they are much needed by the common folks.

The interest of people results in a high follower and views count, which brings them a substantial paycheck every month. It would not be wrong to say that they would not need 15-minute loans from direct lenders to make ends meet.

After understanding their need, it is time to delve into the deep end of their operations.

Here are some commonalities between the content of all fashion bloggers.

What They Wore That Day or That Week?

At number one of the identical content, the list is what the blogger or the latest version vlogger (a video blogger) wore that day or week.

You will find such a video in almost all the influencers YouTube page.

What this means is that they will give you a detailed description of everything that they are wearing.

  •  The brand name
  •  The size
  •  The price tag
  •  The store from where it was bought
  •  And how comfortable and uncomfortable it is to wear it.

The vlogger would talk about the clothes, the shoes, and the jewelry and include the acrylic nails in it mix as well. Because they dress so well, people like watching them and I do as well.

I Covet these quarantine week outfits made me feel slightly less guilty for being in my PJs all day long.

Fashion Hauls

Next on the list are the fashion hauls. Again this is something that is done by every fashion blogger.

A fashion haul means that you buy more than a few items from a website or a store and then show your viewers all that you purchased; a simple idea, yet extremely smart.

People watch these because they become aware of some new brands as well as products that they never knew existed.

The most popular hauls include shopping sprees from these brands;

  •  Shein
  •  Zara
  •  H & M
  •  Ikea
  •  And Sephora

A YouTuber Safiya Naygard once bought every shade of lipstick at Sephora. Her bill was so big that the credit card company called her to know whether the order was real or not. Her credit card bill would have been equal to a few short term loans.

All that just for a video, but that was a good one, with over 27 million views. So, I do think she made more money than she spent, much-much more.

The Makeup Tutorials

Fashion Blogger is incomplete without makeup. So, makeup tutorials are a must when it comes to fashion influencers.

A makeup tutorial is a video in which the person teaches the viewer their tricks and techniques to apply makeup. For all the women who are bad at makeup, they can teach you a lot.

Sarah Cheung, a Chinese YouTuber currently living in Toronto, taught me how to wing the eyeliner and contour my nose like a pro. Before I watched her, I did not even know that contouring was a thing, and now I do it.

The GRWM or Get Ready With Me is also a fashionable vogue for makeup tutorials. It is when the blogger is getting ready for an event or a party. She sits down in front of the camera and film the entire process for their avid viewers.

Kaushal Beauty, an Indo-British YouTuber, has the best GRWMs, they are one of my favorites.

Winding Up

Reading about the most shared videos would make it seem like the fashion Blogger do not do much, but they do.

Filming a video where you are trying on new makeup and failing to do it and showing the viewers that even you can make mistakes takes courage. Nobody wants to highlight their imperfections, and doing the same in front of the whole full world is laudable.

I personally love Fashion Bloggers who show their real selves. Face tuning and using photoshop may make the influencer like their picture more, but seeing that level of perfection makes their followers more than insecure about their flaws.

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That is why, Ashley Graham, a supermodel with curves and cellulite and stretch marks is my idol. I respect her because of her reality. I do hope all the influencers would learn a lesson from her.


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