With the celebrities all decked with traveling- ready to travel with the best of fashion, airport fashion has become such as rage. These celebrities are consistently clicked and rated for their looks. Some celebrities find it demining while most of them enjoy it. They love to dress up at the airport and clicked by Paparazzi. While Bollywood celebrities surely know how to up the oomph factor at the airport, you too can look the same by following a few easy-breezy tips. Here we have compiled some tips that would help you to up your Celebrities Airport Look.

  1. Rock the Sports Look

Sports look will never give you a bad day. Thanks to the on-going trend, most of the celebrities these days are seen donning a sports look. Though it is not a real sport look, an amalgam of fashion in the right way with sports dresses. After all, you should be at ease while traveling on the flight. Pair of comfortable tracks or shorts are perfect for this look. You can team up them with the oversized hoodie or a jumper, and you would be ready to travel as your fashionista. Don’t forget to complete the look with sports shoes and minimal makeup.

  1. Glam it with Boots

While most of the people wear boots in winters but to their surprise, boots are perfect statement pieces. You can wear them with all types of dresses and look your best. Since you would be traveling, look for the boots that are comfortable and have minimal heels. Please make sure they are easy to wear as you can remove them in the flight and wear them again when your flight lands.

  1. A Comfortable Dress is your Pal

In case you are taking a short flight, you can consider a lovely comfortable dress. However, make sure it is not that blingy and is easy to carry; otherwise, it would be OTT. To make the simple dress trendy, you can go with red lips and comfy sandals or sneakers. And do not forget to wear shades. You can either blow dry your traces and leave them loose or can make a half bun that would give you a fashionable look without doing much. Last but not least, wear your smile without it, nothing would look PERFECT!

  1. Try Something Offbeat

It’s good to follow the current trend, but sometimes you can mark the statement by looking different, and this is where offbeat fashion comes handy. Think of creating your airport style by wearing what people would generally not wear at the airport. But make sure you are comfortable and also it should go with your personality. How about a saree with sneakers? YES! You read that right. While most of the people would not opt saree for traveling, but why not? Wear it in the most different yet fashionable way, and to take your comfort a notch high, you can complete the look with sneakers. It would give you an edgy and statement look. It will instantly draw attention to your look, obviously in the right way. If saree is not your cup of cake, you can go for a jumpsuit and create a personalized Celebrities Airport Look.

  1. Add Layers for Much Need Glam

Though the temperature is soaring outside the airport and flights could be cold! This would be a perfect excuse to layer your dress with trendy jackets or shrugs. You can pick from an array of options like bombers, zippers, and leathers and style them perfectly with the dress to take a notch high. If you are not a fan of jackets, you can go with shrugs and throw over a poncho on your tank top. It will not only make you instantly fashionable but also keep you warm at the same time. Flats and sneakers will punctuate the look in the best possible way.

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  1. Add a Statement Bag

It’s not about a dress always, your accessories can also up your look and make you fashionable, just like your favorite celebrity. All you would have to do is pair a stylish bag with your dress. You can pick a one from an online shopping store like Limeroad and use Limeroad promo code to get a substantial discount on your shopping. Look for something unique. Do not settle with conventional bags. You can consider sling bags with a trendy sling, or you can look for small bag packs that are in trend. You can go for totes as well; they look sleek and elegant.


Airport looks are in a rage; from young actress to veteran actors, everyone chooses to look their best and comfortable. In case you are looking for some airport inspiration, we have covered you with this blog!


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