Your wardrobe is going to get better every season. There are many top designers in Pakistan’s fashion industry like Asim Jofa, Maria B. Gul Ahmed, Sana Safina, Ethnicity, Khaadi, and many others who bring modern fashion and trends every year. Top-of-the-line designers are known for their catalogs that come in a variety of colors, designs, sewing patterns, and modern fashion trends. In this article, you will read about the best lawn and cotton lawn for you and your loved ones.

Despite this, there are many textile industries operating in Pakistan that design fabrics according to class variation from lower-middle to upper class. This year, the textile companies are Nishat Textile, Ittihad Textile, Firdous Textile, and more Lawn Lawn Suite 2020. This collection of dupattas comes in three types, two pieces and single Khaadi Kurti with different types of stitches and without stitching.

Cotton lawn fabric

The cotton lawn is an ideal and highly demanded garment in summer. It provides softness and gives a soothing effect to the wearer in extreme hot temperatures. The lawn is a lightweight and silky substrate fabric. This fabric is mostly made of 100 cotton which is made with conveyed threads that have a super-smooth high-end finish. Also, we can deal with bedsheets. This dupattas can lead to warmer weather with the latest super cool stitching and unadulterated cotton lawn storage along the border.

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This lawn cotton suit collection includes beautiful colors and light tones with modern colors for women of all age groups. The whole collection is combined with modern and traditional designs. Pakistani culture and tradition can be seen in this sewing cotton lawn collection. Shalwar kameez is our national dress and women of all classes like to wear shalwar kameez in summer days.

 What is Lawn Fabric?

Lawn fabric is a simple weaved textile that originally consisted of linen threads, but is now made primarily of cotton yarn. The fabric is made of thin and fine carded yarn thread counting. The fabric is made with a single weave that creates a smooth and non-textured surface. Lawn is a breathable fabric that is perfect for lightweight clothing. These fabrics are perfect for summer and spring wear and are currently making extensive designs and textures to suit everyone’s choice.

Variety in Dupattas

Pakistani designers launch cotton lawn suits with a variety of dupattas. This cotton lawn collection has a beautiful collection of dupattas. When we talk about a cotton lawn dress with silk dupatta, this dress gets more attention. Chiffon is crowned as the finest fabric, so with a cotton lawn suit, chiffon dupatta enhances the elegance and charm of the dress which attracts modern women in a pleasing manner. Silk dupattas, chiffon dupattas, and cotton net dupattas can be easily worn for formal or semi-formal occasions, birthday celebrations, and many special occasions. For casual wear, one can choose a lawn cotton suit with a printed lawn dupatta or a cotton net dupatta. The choice is yours.

Quality and price vary from class to class

The textile industry manufactures fabrics with high-tech techniques. And the standard they set varies from class to class. Our lower class prefers to wear normal quality lawn clothes with dark colors. Pastel colors with the best quality fabric worn by the middle class. And the elite class prefers light-colored high-waisted Pakistani cotton suits. Like quality, price varies from class to class. The middle class chooses the designer reflex price range from 1500 to 2000. The upper class buys real designer clothes that go from 8,000 to 10,000. When our textile industry manufactures fabrics, it takes into account the budget ratio and the needs of each class. For the lower middle to the elite, they produce a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. And everyone enjoys the warmth in their own way.


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