In one’s lifetime, everyone dreams of getting married in a prestigious and decent way. When coming to the girls, the bridal dress is the most important to choose for such a long-awaited event. The dress can boost the beauty and attractiveness to the maximum. There are various choices up in the market for one to choose, therefore sometimes it is quite confusing for various girls to select the perfect match for the ostentatious ceremony. In this context, if you are suffering too, with confusion regarding the best choice for your wedding or you want to buy the gift for someone then this article will help you, and in fact, will clarify your mind with your utmost satisfaction. In this article, you will read about, bridal dresses, a choice once in a lifetime.

There are various types of bridal dresses available. Some people prefer to buy readymade wears while others go for stitching according to body shape and requirements. Some of the main types of bridal wear are as follows:



It is mostly used bridle dress not only in Pakistan but in the subcontinent too. In the description, it is kind of half frock which starts from the belly button and spread downward. The length and diameter of the lehengas depend on the height of the user. For the upper part of the body, girls usually prefer to wear a shirt full of embroidery. The shirt provides the choice to be completely fit around the body or become loose. While, in contrast to its elegant and most appreciated look it sometimes happens to be difficult to wear for a large amount of time due to its heavyweight lehenga and tight shirt. However, such problems can be solved, nowadays, by using a small kurta in replacement of shirt and with optimal embroidery work. Also, girls prefer to reduce the spreading of the ease of using it relentlessly at any function. 



Along with lehenga, Angarkha is also the most popular in girls nowadays. Its most common advantage is its ease of wearing and flexibility of use. Because one can wear it even the functions other than the wedding. The slightly tight pajamas along with little spread long kameez or kurta are popular among the masses. The embroidery work depends on the choice of user. It can handle dense embroidery, according to user requirements. In simple words, it is very close to the shalwar kameez. But the best part of it is the dupatta. It covers the around the dress in a way to show the look of dress spreading’s like in lehengas and Sharraras. Historically speaking, it was the most attractive choice among Mughals due to its decency and pomposity. In contemporary times, the girls also prefer to wear slight Palazzo type shalwar in replacement of the traditional salwar and pajamas. The reason is its look which is closer to the lehenga. 



Gharara is kind of mixture of the two. A short Kurta and a Palazzo which becomes frock at the end and to wear with beauty.  The dupatta is used to cover the head. In the context of embroidery and adornment, it provides a huge range of options. To count the few, outline work, raised work, white work, hand designs, and attached jewelry items. So, in this sense, it is dependent on one’s choice and flexibility of pocket to adorn the wearing, hence, to increase the boldness. Considering the ease of wearing, it can be considered in between the lehengas and Angarkhas. 

A Comparison: Once for All

So, in comparison, the lehengas are more flexible and more prone to heavy and dense ornaments which ultimately increase the attractiveness. And at the same time difficult to handle for a long period. On the other side, Angharkhas mostly provide a decent and elegant look with slightly less tending towards decorations and most light in wearing. Angharkhas also very flexible to use a variety of functions, such has, Mehndi, Barat, and even at Walima. In contrast, to lehengas, which are most of the time fixed only for bridal dresses. Ghararas are in between the two with slightly more variety in decorations and embroidery, in comparison to Angarkhas, and provide more ease of wearing as compared to Lehengas. 

Cultural Flexibility and Reflection of Variety

In the context of Pakistan, if you belong to a different area then your choice of wearables will differ depending on the cultural conditions. For instance, Punjabis prefer to more pomp and show and glassier look. The colors they choose are mostly bright and dresses are preferred to be bold. While in Sindh, the girls more focus on jewelry such as bangles, nose wearing, and other items. As for the dress concerned, they wear long skirts as traditional wearing. The culture of KPK and Baluchistan is more of tribal culture and they focus on their traditional wearing. Therefore, the variety, there, is present within a kind of limited circle. In Kashmir, the Phiran is the most used dress which is closer to lehenga with kurta and less spreading at the downside. 

To conclude, the dress is the expression of personality. And the days of the wedding are the once in the lifetime opportunity for one to express one’s self completely. It is not simply the dress to wear; it is the mirror of one’s thoughts and esthetics. Also, there are thousands of varieties of bridal dresses available in the market. And a confused person can’t make a good decision. Most of the time people tend to do mistakes when they get confused. Therefore, the mindset and clarification of thoughts are important. I hope this article has provided you the way to think, and it will ultimately help you to choose the best for the event. Also, one common mistake people do is to follow the celebrities. In my opinion, one should decide the dress according to one’s body shape and flexibility of mood. If you cannot bear heavy dress, then don’t go for it; it is your mood and inner environment which reflects on the outer world and ultimately increase the beauty of your face.

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Summary: The Writer of the Article is Irum Sohail who tried to clarify the confusion in the selection of bridal dress by explaining the pros and cons of three major types of bridal dresses. In the context of the versatility of Pakistan, the writer tried to suggest some basic points to ponder for choosing bridal dresses.


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