Coats are one of the staple numbers in every woman’s wardrobe in winter. They usually complement every style of outfit and keep you warm while also keeping your look fashionable. Winter coats are usually an expensive investment, but they can last for years and years. No doubt coats are a statement piece, but buying one can be confusing with the plethora of brands, styles, stores, and sites available in the markets.

While rummaging through the market to find a perfect long coat, I realized that the job is no less confusing than going through a maze or an escape room koramangala. If you are going to buy your coats without knowing exactly what you are looking for, be prepared to get flabbergasted pretty soon.

How Should I Buy My Perfect Winter Coat?

A little bit of research about style and comfort can make you land the coat of your dreams. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while looking for your perfect long coat:

1. Keep the weather of the place in mind

The weather of the place where you stay or might be visiting is the first and most important thing to keep in mind while buying a long coat. Coats are available with different textures and materials, and hence finding one which protects you the most and keeps you warm is very important.

2. What do the trends say?

Browse through the internet to see what kind of long coats are ruling the fashion industry currently. Long coats are available in different styles and options. So, choose a style that excites you the most and compliments your already existing wardrobe. Belts, button size, cuts are some of the things to keep in mind while buying a brand-new coat.

3. Don’t Choose Something Impractical

Just because it looks good on a model and influencer doesn’t mean it would be beneficial for you. Buy something practical and not just pleasing to the eyes. You want to look for durable and fashionable options, with the former being a bigger priority to get your money’s worth.

4. How long will it last in your closet?

Long coats are a long-term investment and hence should be a balance between trendy and classic. You can go with solid colors, checks, or stripes as they never go out of style and ensure that you can keep wearing the piece for years.

5. Quality is non-negotiable

The trap of low-cost coats might look tempting, but what is the benefit of spending money on something which won’t even last three washes? This doesn’t mean that expensive coats will be better in quality. Do a quality check of the coats thoroughly and go for the end-of-season sales to get better quality at low prices.

6. Keep a Close Eye on Your Style

One of the main aspects to keep in mind while investing in high-end clothes is to ensure it fits your personal style and self-expression. Since you would want to get the most use out of your long coat, it would be better to try out different options and see for yourself which one makes you feel the most at home in terms of style. As cliche as it might sound, until you find “the” one, don’t just settle for anyone, even for your winter coats!

7. Don’t Buy the First Coat You Find

If you happen to be an impulsive shopper, you might get tempted to buy the very first option you come across. Avoid this urge. Since long coats are a hefty investment, you would want to look around gauge prices, quality, and styles, to make sure you end up choosing something you really wanted and prevent future regret.

8. You want it. But do you NEED it?

Yeah, sure, the long coat with cropped and frayed edges looks grungy and cool. But do you really need this dysfunctional piece of winter wear for such a high price? Maybe you have already bought enough coats, but that particular coral one matches one of your outfits- think again!

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Do you really need an exact color match to create a great outfit? The key to preventing overspending on clothes like coats is to stop and consider how much value it can add to your wardrobe. If you can imagine just a single use for it- you probably don’t need it.


Buying a long coat, especially during the winter season, can be confusing. The best tip is to invest in a coat off-season and use it for the upcoming winters. These styling products can be difficult to buy but, once invested properly, can last you for years. So, take your notes and buy the perfect long coat!


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