The vibrant gemstone jewelry always captivates the mind of every jewelry lover. Gemstone, like Moldavitelooks tempting in the form of ornament and enables its wearer to revive by its brilliant trans-formative energy spiritually. 

The green and glassy gemstone hail from the mineral Tektite family and is famous as the ‘Green Tektite’ gemstone. Moldavite Crystal looks fascinating, but their mind-blowing healing qualities make them even more unique. Being a highly vibrational and energetic gem, green Moldavite flushes or eradicates all kinds of evil energies to purify your aura.

People who seek forward to attain spirituality should use Green Tektite. Recognized and entitled as a Trans- formative stone, Moldavite helps you deal with transformation and different transitions in every phase of life. As per claims, the green and glassy gemstone evolved by the celestial intersection of meteoroids and Earth. 

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Henceforth, Moldavite got an impressive name pronounced as the ‘Celestial Stone.’ The significant meaning of celestial stone signifies fortune, positive change and shield against evil energies. 

Having brilliant healing attributes, the Green Tektite gets the consideration of life giving gem. According to historical evidences the celestial stone was effective in  knowing the disease and strengthen the immunity of human body.

Healing Features of Green Tektite

  • As per the assumptions of old age pupils, the olive green Moldavite came on earth to help you rise. Being highly transformative and high vibrational frequency its abilities to balance and energize inner self is commendable. 
  • Most people share their experience holding Moldavite for the first time and feeling cleansing of their aura that gets acknowledged as Moldavite Flush. Through Moldavite flush, one can experience a unique energy shift. One can feel a sense of connection with Green Tektite. It enables you to discover a path that you never thought you would quickly decide to go with a specific decision. 
  • Wearing Moldavite Jewelry helps you divert from the blocks that promote physical illness and pain experienced presently. By styling Czech gemstone, you can experience the feeling of revival as it welcomes cells to turnover and proceeds opposite side of the damage.
  • The Green Tektite assists you in enlightening the dark corners of your inner intellect. So that you never feel low deep inside your soul. The forest green color of Moldavite gemstone aids in improving vision and provides relief from gastric problems.
  • u The Mystical green Czech Gemstone reduces the aging process and boosts mental clarity. Having a connection with Heart Chakra, the Moldavite gemstone effortlessly empowers you to open your heart and eventually master the art of self-love.
  • A wearer of the Moldavite Ring can move on from past traumatic experiences and an open gateway towards glorious new beginnings. Green Tektite takes off the traces of darkness by its illuminating trans-formative energy. 
  • As per the hypothetical assumptions, the Mystical Celestial stone slows down the aging process and improves mental clarity. In addition, the Moldavite gemstone also works effectively by enabling you to change behavior according to situations and circumstances. 

Moldavite ring

Balancing Chakra – Green Tektite Gemstone

The Green Tektite gets the consideration of a protective tool that came on earth to help you arise. Having excellent healing features, Moldavite acts as a barrier to stop the rise of bad/ negative vibes by activating the positive power. 

The beautiful Czech gemstone aligns all the Chakras. Therefore, one should wear a stylish Moldavite Pendant to balance the heart Chakra. Wearing a Pendant closely with Heart Chakra, the Moldavite gemstone will lead you towards the path of compassion and the start of new relationships.

Through open heart Chakra, you can maintain cordial relationships and not waste your productive energy on those who do not trigger ecstasy deep in your soul. The third eye Chakra aids an individual in aligning with the crown Chakra to link with the celestial bodies. 


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