Are your closets full to the brim? Or do you want a way to make some easy extra cash? In either circumstance, choosing to sell your clothes online can be the perfect solution. There are countless websites and apps dedicated to this process, so it’s easy enough to set up an account and start advertising. However, if you want the best chance of getting rid of your unwanted belongings, consider the following tips to help you out.

1) Find the Best Platform to Sell

As mentioned above, there are various sites and apps to choose from when it comes to selling clothes, but you might have more luck with one over another. You can use multiple sites if you want to, but this will require more admin and organization to keep your accounts updated. Take some time to do some research, or try different websites as a trial period to see which ones are more successful for you.

2) Take Good but Honest Photos

Naturally, you want your clothes or any other items you’re selling to look attractive to buyers. This means taking some time to take some high-quality photos that make the attire look good. However, it is also important to make sure that your photos are an honest representation of the clothes’ quality and the condition they are in. Don’t edit photography to mislead buyers, as this could result in negative reviews that could hurt future sales or demand refunds. If this activity is severe enough, your account on these websites may also be suspended.

3) Preparing for Shipping Logistics

You will also need to ensure you are prepared to ship your clothes to sellers and ensure they are protected in transit. For example, certain delicate materials might need to be wrapped in acid-free paper. Some items you might be able to send off at your local post office without issue but consider using courier services as well. You can collect quotes to move eBay items from a courier that offers eBay deliveries, or find another that might cater to the kind of site you choose to sell from.

4) Be Mindful of Your Pricing

Another thing to keep in mind if you want to find success in selling clothes online is how you price them. Remember, these items are second-hand, so you can’t expect to receive the same price you paid for them. Even items that might have never been worn with the labels still intact won’t always sell for the retail price. Search the website for the same brands or similar ones that you are advertising. Use other sellers’ prices as a guide to how much you should be charging.

5) Be Willing to Negotiate

Finally, although you might be selling clothes at a discounted price, you should be open to negotiating if you are trying to get rid of these items quickly. Some prospective buyers may want to barter the price, and while you shouldn’t accept an offer that you’re not happy with if you are willing to sell for a bit less, you might find that you are getting rid of your items sooner rather than later.

If you are planning to sell your clothes online to rearrange your closet and earn a bit of money, use these tips to help you make this process more successful.


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