Do you get excited when you purchase a new set of lingerie? Wearing a good-quality bra feels like a rebirth as it brings new enthusiasm to you and combats challenging situations with ease. Simultaneously, you cannot overlook the functionality aspect as you prioritize this attribute comparatively more than slimmer women.

Here are a few suggestions that you can keep in mind while purchasing a plus-size bra or lingerie in general.

Do Not Ignore Size

If you are familiar with your body type and current measures, then purchasing a well-fitted plus-size bra is easy, you can do so while on the go. However, when you are clueless about your size, you should prioritize your fit and size.

You may be compelled to purchase a smaller size as a curvy woman but skip those myths and focus on your comfort, fit, and size. Let go of the inhibitions and appreciate your curves. The right fit has the potential to outline your figure and hide the sides that could draw unwanted attention.

A majority of your preferences can be found in the Wacoal’s plus-size bra.

Adequate Support

Often, women are heard complaining about shoulder and back pain, and this is possible when you wear the wrong bra size. You may notice bra straps slipping off your shoulders or the bra slides up at the back due to your breast weight.

Adjusting the band is the most ideal solution for such circumstances. If this does not work, then you can switch your bra size or get it checked to wear the right bra size.

Remember, it is not your straps but the band offers maximum support and you do not have to adjust your straps if the bra is uncomfortable. A wide band with padded straps is a suitable bra option for curvy women for adequate support and relaxation.

Color Schemes Based On Mood

You do not have to compromise on colors just because you purchase a full-size bra. Wacoal is one of the lingerie brands that offer versatile colors in plus-size undergarments. From subtle beiges to vibrant hues, you can make your pick as per your mood and outfit.

On days you feel bold, you can pick prints, while on boring days you can pick subtle shades of white and beige.

Feel Different On Some Days

Maybe on most days, you feel conservative and the T-shirt bra appears to be the preferred choice. However, on other days, you can pick a random bold print out of the blue to break the monotony of your routine.

Take a chance and buy something you may disregard on a normal day but always wanted in your lingerie collection. You can get empowered with design, prints, or colors but do not forget to prioritize comfort.

Curvy women sometimes struggle to accept and give themselves compliments once in a while. You get trapped in societal stigmas and pressure yourself unnecessarily. You need to understand that your perception of yourself holds more value than others. If you feel beautiful in a black bra-panty set, then you are beautiful. You do not have to seek validation from others for your choices if you feel them right.

You can try different bra styles in plus size to determine which style you prefer the most and those that need to be added to your collection. From camisoles to lace bras, you can craft an amazing bra collection that matches your taste, wardrobe, and lifestyle. Besides, at Wacoal, you do not have to compromise between comfort and style. You can have both in a single lingerie garment and within your budget.

Plus-Size Bra at Wacoal

Classic Non-Wired Non-Padded Plus-Size Bra: This is a traditional fit plus-size bra with an ultra-modern touch. As a full-coverage bra, it is seamed and designed with 3-part cups that offer you support, shape, and superior lift. The fancy straps can be adjusted as per your torso and the wide sides avoid unwanted bulges on the top or sides. This plus-size bra can be worn under traditional and western apparel.

Pixie Minimizer Wired Non-Padded Seamless Bra: This is a plus-size minimizer bra designed for comfortable fit and additional support. As a full cup bra with an additional bust line, it reduces the bust line by 1 inch. This bra is designed with an elastic around the neckline and underarm for improved flexibility. It has a broad back band as compared to regular bras that offer you more support. You can order this bra in black and white colors.

You can order fancy plus-size lingerie bras from the Wacoal website. All you have to do is scroll through the plus-size section, add bras of your choice to the cart, make the payment, and order them to your address. You can confirm bra sizes once they arrive and check their comfort and it.


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