Love to travel but hate long distances?

It’s an everyday girl’s story, and so is mine. I mean yes traveling is a world-class experience, not only you get to see new places and meet people but it’s one of the best feelings in the world (besides eating chocolate on a bad day) and it can become so much better if you are wearing the right outfit.  Being a dreamer I always dreamed about having at least a one-time visit to Toronto, I grew up listening to the big town stories and since then, it’s a fantasy of mine to travel all over the big city.

For travel, you want to look cute but wear something comfortable (something that can be easily achieved). Wardrobe selection requires a lot of planning and it totally depends on the time of the year, season and how long the road trip will be.

Say Hello to Your Next Best Friend – The Wardrobe!

A girl’s best friend is not diamonds but a perfect outfit and a more than perfect accessories and shoes to match with it.

Let’s talk about the modern girl. A cool yet comfy style is so in trend but you need to style up the way you want (don’t let anyone tell otherwise) and to be able to enjoy yourself during an amazing road trip whether it’s on the back seat of airport limo Toronto or even a topless vintage rental, it won’t matter.

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Every style for every ride is my motto, so I have handpicked 6 ultimate cute ways to stay stylish on the road trip across Toronto;

1. Shoes are like your lovers

Some are painful, some are cute while some only glitter from afar but makes real trouble for you. A shoe can complicate your travel plans.

For the argument’s sake, high heels are God’s invention to make girls look more confident than they actually feel. Whether it’s a wedge or a stiletto. Road trip requires a lot of time being spent in the car, you need to take the shoe on and off, stretch your legs from time to time and well, flats and sneakers are what I opted for.

2. How many layers for road trip?

I traveled during early winter, which is quite cold, so I was covered in layers of clothing. Do not forget to wear a warm layer beneath your top because they are super stretchy and comfortable for road trips as well.

Another thing I added was the long sleeve shirts, oversized sweaters, and a fit back jacket. However, if you do plan to travel during summer, shorts, a sleeveless top, a summer hat with perfect Ray Beans shade will be a good choice to go.

3. Leggings are my favorites

My personal choice over denim is leggings. I think it’s pretty clear if you are riding for long hours, denim will not be your first choice. Being a workaholic and a traveler, I managed time while stretching on the back seat of the limo. Turns out, airport limousines in Ontario are pretty comfortable for such trips.

So you can imagine how comfortable my ride was.  Pick black leggings over any other color, make your legs look slimmer and can hide any stain plus you can cross-match any color with black.

4. Travel tote or a large handbag

Take a pick. A clutch is never sufficient on a road trip. A few essential items like phone, face powder, chapstick, Kleenex, notebook, pen, iPad, etc. among a few other things are always available. To keep such small but lifesaving items at an arm’s reach, you need to carry a large enough handbag.

A mini life revolved around the said handbag so you understand the importance of it.

5. Shades are important

Constant staring through windows sometimes hit me with vertigo. Sunglasses are the best way to cover my tired eyes and maybe take a nap while I give a much-awaited rest to my eyes and brain.

Besides, that sunglasses not only make your look smarter but it also helps you to stop squeaking your eyes in the good sunlight (no wrinkles!).

6. Style hair in a simple updo

You can’t imagine how utterly tired you get even after a short two-hour ride. Some towns are near while most are at a greater distance from Toronto, so I opted to wear my hair up in a messy bun and sometimes in a high ponytail. During a road trip, hair can lose the voluminous life out of them, even with a closed window of the car.

So wear your hair either in a bun, ponytail or maybe a fishtail whichever looks cuter. Or you can also use 10 Tips For Natural And Smooth Hair.

So what do you think? Quick and easy stylish tips can save so many headaches during a road trip. Just plan ahead of the trip and you are good to go.


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