Thick and heavy hair is what most people want to have but the only problem is that not everyone has the privilege to have such hair. As you age, you will notice that you are losing hair quite rapidly and this will continue to happen as you grow old. In some people, it is due to inheritance while in some people it is due to their diet and lifestyle. You can improve your hair health by following a set of good habits. We will share 6 things to Stop Hair Fall.

Suffering from hair fall or any other scalp related problem is really a tough thing to go through. If your hair fall is due to inheritance then there is nothing you can do naturally. If that’s not the case then you can stop or reduce your hair fall by following the things that I am about to mention. The most important thing is your diet. If you are consuming junk food a lot then chances are that you will end up being bald.

6 Things To Stop Hair Fall

You can start by following a healthy diet like the keto diet. If you are new to this diet then you can read the keto diet for beginners and you will have the exact idea about how you can do it. It’s not something that is difficult for you to do. In fact, it is much easier than you think. We will talk about what foods you should consume in this diet but first, there are other things that you should know.

1. Avoid Towel

The biggest reason for hair fall is a towel. The way we rub our hair after we wash them leads to more breakage. The roots of your hair become soft after cleaning them and if you are rubbing your hair with a towel then it will just make things worse for your hairs. So try to avoid using a towel for your hair. You can let them dry on their own and it would take 10 minutes to dry your hair naturally. This is the best way to reduce your hair fall.

2. Keep Your Hair Clean

If you are not taking proper care of your hair hygiene then you will end up having hair issues. When your scalp is dirty then the first thing that will start building up on your scalp will be oil and sebum. This will lead to blockage of pores and acne. In some cases, people who don’t wash their hair quite often have to deal with issues like scalp fungus and rings. The last thing you would want is scalp acne because when that acne clears out it will leave a bald patch on your scalp that will take some time to recover.

3. Consume Protein-Rich Foods

Collagen, protein, and keratin are three important things for your hair. They make your hair strong and healthy. The best way you can get them into your diet is by consuming protein-rich foods. There are tons of protein foods that you can have into your diet. Foods like beef bone broth, sardines, nuts, and chicken are really helpful to improve your hair health. You can add fruit salad in it as well. It helps in improving your hair health by a lot.

4. Hair Treatment

You can always get yourself a hair treatment. It is considered a normal thing now but adding this to your regular lifestyle should be a great addition. There are tons of hair treatments that can be done to reduce your hair fall by making them strong. Keratin treatment and protein treatment are two of the most beneficial ones for your hair. So go out there and add this new thing to your hair care routine.

5. Massage

Oil massage is important for your hair roots. Doing mild massage on your scalp can help a lot. It will improve your hair health by making them strong. It will also increase blood circulation in that area that will improve your hair growth. This is why it is recommended that you should massage your scalp once a week. Sometimes dry scalp can lead to dandruff and hair fall, by doing this you will be able to prevent that from happening.

6. Drink More Fluids

Try to drink more fluids in your diet. This is really important for your health and scalp. Inflammation of your body can damage your hair health and sometimes it can also be the reason for hair fall. Drinking more fluids will make sure that your body has low levels of inflammation and it can also detox your body. Water, fresh juices, and collagen drinks should be added to your regular diet.

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Final Words:

These are some of the things that can help you in reducing the hair fall. Not only your hair fall but you will be able to prevent various other scalp problems. So try to improve your hair health by following the tips that I have mentioned above. Another thing that you can do is add physical activity to your routine. This will also help in improving your hair health by boosting the testosterone levels of your body.


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