March arrives and temperatures begin to soften. The days are beginning to have more hours, plans to come up and, yes, the change of wardrobe is already very, very close. But before and almost without realizing we included in our clothes closet halftime with which to survive, in every way and therefore also stylistically, to changes in temperature in the coming weeks. Yes, the crazy time calls it, those days when you wake up cold and roast yourself, almost literally, at noon. This is where the doubts begin to ‘what I wear’ and the key is to be done with good supplies of basic items halftime so as not to fail and have options to combine starting with the appropriate outerwear.

Light coats and jackets are essential to survive the transition months. Many times we get all kinds of trendy clothing but we forget the most important and practical. Best of all, halftime opens up a very wide range of possibilities in terms of Jackets And Coats, and we can also combine it in more elaborate looks than those allowed by pure winter and when we go with more layers than an onion and all we want is not to freeze to death.

Trendy Jackets And Coats

Trench coats, always so stylish and versatile; blazers or plain blazers or more striking prints, which are always a staple; ‘bomber’ type jackets to create more sweeping and pounding looks, although in reality they also combine great in a more elegant outfit; denim jackets, torrents, ponchos … The variety of mid-season outerwear is very wide and what we like, eh? The bad part is that it is impossible to keep only one option and we love having different jackets And Coats and jackets to play and create. If you want to renovate or your mid-season wardrobe needs a boost, we have selected ten mid-season outerwear so that the arrival of spring does not catch you off guard and, what is better, you receive it with style. But before starting you can read about the box Office Collection report. The types of jackets and coats are given below:

Combined jacket

Two of the most commonly used mid-season outerwear in one. On the one hand, the denim jacket and, on the other, the American jacket. This Desigual jacket seems to us a very original resource to get informal looks as well as stylish ones for every day. (Price: € 159.95).

Black jacket

Very closet. The denim jacket but in black of all life that you can wear with everything. If in the morning you need a coat plus wear a foulard. From Zara (€ 29.95).

Check blazer

A jacket with some of the patterns that never go out of style is a real lifesaver. With black skinny jeans, dresses, dresses. This plaid blazer can get a LOT of parties. The double-breasted and rolled-up sleeves add extra sophistication. From Bershka (€ 29.99).

Different trench coat

The trench coat is the most universal and versatile light coat. It never goes out of style and seals any combination of garments in the most stylish way. This one from Asos, also, in the color block with a lilac touch, the color of the season, seems ideal and very original. (€ 96.99). You can check out AFDAH for more detailing.

Casual parka

A parka is one of the most classic demi-season coats but, like everything else, it is updated and adapted to different styles. This zipper with a more casual air from Highly Preppy is ideal for all kinds of looks, even to give contrast to the most well-groomed ones. The belt marks the waist and stylizes the figure. (Price: € 285)

American blazer

A way to give light and joy to your daily outfits. Blazers, we already know, is always good to elevate any style, and if they are floral what more could you ask for. With jeans, with black pants … Cute and very wearable for almost everything. This is from Mango (€ 49.99).

Beige frock coat

More combinable impossible, and more stylish either. It has a very soft suede fabric, which gives it a neat and flirty knit. Ideal for going to the office. The beige color is also one of the most beautiful and stylish for spring looks. From H&M (€ 49.99).

Long white blazer

The white color is a trend but it is also one of the most flattering colors and they give more light. This one with a Zara belt seems very nice to us. (€ 69.95).

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The poncho is one of the most arranged garments and they have a magical power to transform any style, no matter how basic. It brings movement and sophistication to the outfit, and it is also very comfortable. It is ideal for the days when it cools but the temperatures start to get milder. This so ideal is from the Spanish firm Paloma Laju. (€ 85).

Short trench

It seems to us a very original light jacket. With all the style of a trench coat but with an original and trendy touch as it is cropped, which is super trendy on the other hand. It is from Zara and is worth € 39.95.

Black bomber

Another basic jacket in the transition wardrobe. They are ideal for daily looks and in black color, it fits with everything. It is from H&M and it is available in different colors (€ 29.99).


A kimono is one of the most sophisticated garments with the most personality for looks of all kinds, from going to a brunch with friends to a more formal dinner. This satin silk is really pretty; We have imagined it combined with jeans, and we send it directly to the wardrobe. From the firm Vida y Milagros (CPV).

Black jacket

It is another basic for both more groomed looks and for daily looks. A black jacket, with straight lines, is always a good investment that can give you a thousand lives every day. This is the Olimara signature (€ 89)


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