If you find makeup perplexing then you should know, know that there are some simple tricks that can help you save time putting on makeup and make you love the final result of your makeup. Each of us has a different face and different features that we want to highlight, but some tips are sure for any production, such as moisturizing the skin before applying the products and choosing the right shade of the foundation.

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You are probably killing time watching Netflix because there is nothing much to do in quarantine. Today, we will be sharing some fantastic information to enhance your makeup skills and improve your look in Quarantine by practice in Quarantine. Cutting the BS, let us move further to the main subject— Simple & Useful Makeup Tips to Practice in Quarantine.

Simple & Useful Makeup Tips to Practice in Quarantine

Every woman likes to be always beautiful and well made up, but many still suffer from doubts, such as what can be used during the day or what is the best style for parties at night. The truth is that there are no strict rules. Makeup should adapt to your style and personality and enhance your face. Below are some tricks and tips to practice in Quarantine.

Basic Tips

Start by applying a primer: to prevent the oily appearance and make the make last without breaking, invest in a primer. The product, applied before the foundation and concealer, creates a thin layer on the skin, which helps in the application and duration of makeup, in addition to protecting the skin.

Purchase makeup sponge also known as beauty blenders, they are dear to bloggers and makeup artists. It is super practical for those who are starting to wear makeup, as it is easier to apply the foundation and concealer evenly with the sponge than with a brush.

Do not drag the brush over the concealer: it may seem strange, but running the brush over the concealer may end up removing the makeup. When applying the concealer, tap the skin gently so that it fixes and does not smudge.

Do your makeup in a well-lit place: the light influences the result of the makeup, so when applying makeup choose an environment with natural light to be sure of the final result. This avoids exaggerations that are not noticed when the place is dark.

Finish with translucent powder: different from the compact, the translucent powder is versatile because its composition is very thin and the product is colorless. Applying the translucent powder to seal any makeup is accurate and combines with the most varied skin tones.

Putting makeup on is easy but removing is certainly the hardest job in the world especially the waterproof one. If you are struggling to remove makeup easily without damaging your skin the you should definitely try the best makeup remover wipes of 2020/

Level UP

Hydrate your skin: before applying any makeup product, it is ideal to moisturize your skin, to prepare it and leave it looking healthy. Oil-free moisturizers are recommended, so the skin is dry to receive the base. And for daily face protection, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Choose the right shade of the base: to prevent the base from becoming too light or too dark, giving the impression of spots and irregularities in the skin, test the base in the jaw area. This part of the face has no interference from the color of the neck, making it ideal for finding the right tone of your skin. Another tip is to wait for the base to dry to make sure it is the appropriate color.

Apply the concealer in a triangular shape: if you have doubts about how to apply the concealer, make an inverted triangle just below your eyes. Thus, the product will cover your dark circles without affecting the contour of your cheekbones.

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Choose the appropriate brushes for each stage: the brushes make all the difference when applying the products. For the base, the tip is to use sponges or kabuki brushes. As for the eyes, there are several types of brush that can be used in makeup, from smudging to beveled, very precise.

Bonus: Before applying the lipstick, make an X on the upper part of the lips, also known as cupid’s bow, for the perfect contour. With the technique, it is easier to apply lipstick and does not smudge!

Final Verdict

The type and color of the skin is another important factor while choosing products and therefore, be alarmed while shopping for makeup products.

I have covered almost all the basic & necessary makeup tips & tricks to help you enhance your makeup skills. If you liked this comprehensive article then please share it with your mates and help them explore a whole angle of making up oneself. Besides, if you have any suggestions to improve this article then please comment below and help other readers. I hope these will be really Useful Makeup Tips to practice during this crucial time.


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