Do you feel overwhelmed whenever you visit a leather jacket store? We won’t blame you! There are just too many colours and styles out there, and each of them looks great on display. So how can you find the best leather jacket for yourself then?

Don’t worry! If you approach the problem methodically, you can easily end up with the perfect jacket for your needs. We are here to help you in this regard.

4 Tips for Finding the Best Leather Jackets

Here are some ways to find the best leather jacket that you will be inclined to keep wearing forever. After all, leather jackets are one fashion trend that never seems to die.

  • Choose the skin you want

Did you know that there are different types of animal skin that various leather jackets are made of? To select the best jacket for yourself, you need to first decide which animal skin you want. Now, this decision is purely subjective and should be determined by your budget and value for functionality.

For starters, leather jackets made from cowhide are best known for being durable and robust. They are unlikely to wear and tear easily and hence are the ideal material for biker jackets. However, if you are looking for comfortable and soft jackets, you might want to select ones made from lambskin.

While previously, the animals from which skin for leather was obtained were limited to a few, this is not the case anymore. In fact, if you have the money and the taste, you can find exotic ones made from the skin of deer, crocodile and kangaroo as well!

  • Don’t forget the grading!

The type of leather, or grading as leather enthusiasts call them, is an essential factor in deciding which leather jacket you should purchase. There are three types of leather to choose from: corrected leather, top-grain leather, and full-grain leather.

In full-grain leather, the complete hide is used in all its glory. This means that all patterns, marks and scars of the skin are retained. This type of leather ages like fine wine but also offers premium prices. On the other hand, corrected leather is highly processed and hence of the lowest quality. Therefore, it is also the cheapest of the lot.

The best type is right in the middle – i.e. top-grain leather. While it is more flexible than full-grain, it is also of durable quality, unlike corrected leather. In fact, most fashion and customizable jackets are made from this material.

Therefore, if you are used to wearing custom denim jackets and wish for the same type of cuts and versatility from your leather jackets, the top-grain leather type is the one to choose.

  • Know your styles

The next step is knowing what type of leather jacket is suitable for your needs. Now, there are quite a few styles and cuts out there. Here is a rundown of the types of jacket that are considered to be timeless:

  • Biker Jacket: The cropped leather jacket is usually available in black colour and features asymmetric zips. As the name suggests, it is generally worn by bikers. Mostly, the style is suited for the edgy youth who can complement it with slim jeans.
  • Field Jacket: Also known as M-65, this leather jacket is distinctive owing to its longer length and multiple front pockets. Its long length makes it ideal for protection against cold winters.
  • Bomber Jacket: This cropped body jacket features a central zip and a fitted waist; this article of clothing is by far the most versatile in terms of use. You can choose to pair it with both formal and casual wear.
  • Faux Leather Jacket: We understand that genuine animal skin jackets are not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it is good to be mindful of how your purchases affect the world. However, for vegans, faux jackets are the ideal choice. While slightly shiny and thinner than the authentic material, they still get the job done.

We suggest that you go to a nearby leather jacket store or peruse the products of online stores to see the different styles for yourself. This will allow you to analyze their cuts and decide which is ideal for you.

  • It all comes down to craftsmanship

You can select the most exotic animal skin, pair it with the highest grade of leather and select the style of your choice and it will all still go down the drain if you don’t choose the right craftsman for the job!

In the end, the desirability of any jacket, be it leather, denim or fur, comes down to the quality of its stitching. So always closely observe how neatly a given jacket has been stitched. The more intricate it is, the better is the issued jacket.

The right jacket (which lasts long) will use a strong polyester thread and be stitched evenly. So there won’t be any loose ends sticking out from it.  

Apart from functional stitching, you might also want to consider decorative stitching. This is especially true if you are purchasing a jacket for its aesthetic appeal along with its functionality. Decorative stitching is usually found in seams and pockets.

However, note that since this is an additional embellishment, such jackets tend to be pricey and expensive.

To Sum It Up

Whenever you visit a leather jacket store, whether physically or virtually, always make a point of following these four tips.

First, filter your choices based on animal skin and leather grading. This will drastically reduce your options. Now you are free to choose from the shortlisted items. 

Next, decide where and on what occasions are you going to wear your jacket. This will help you select a style. We suggest that you pick the ones that you see yourself wearing for years to come.

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Once you have zeroed in on a specific style, look for quality stitching as a testament to the jacket’s durability. Pick a colour that you want, and voila, you are done.

Sounds easy now, right? We hope that you will now make a fashion decision you won’t regret


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