Christmas is around the corner, and so is the winter season. Keep your ears from being frozen by wearing some protective gear — beanies! However, you don’t want to just grab any beanie available in your drawer. You have to consider some ideas on how you can pull off wearing it. Here are some tips on how to wear a beanie hat:

Consider Your Face Shape while Selecting Beanie

Looking for a beanie that perfectly matches your face shape is crucial in looking good for the winter. According to stylists, you must note that small details make a huge difference whether or not the style suits you.

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If you have a round or square face shape, avoid beanies that have a turn-back cuff and choose one with ribbing and a looser style to add height to your face. Wear the beanie slightly back off of your face.

If you have a longer face, any beanie may work for you. You can choose one that has a turn back cuff or a tighter style.

Check the Material of Beanie

Now that you trimmed down which type of beanie is suitable for you, the next step is to choose the right material for your beanie. If you want to wear it for summer, spring, or autumn, select a beanie made from cotton, such as the toboggan hat. 

For the cooler seasons, a wool beanie is one of the perfect men’s winter hats. Wool prevents your hair from the snow drizzles as they are water-resistant, highly insulating, and breathable. Find a beanie that covers your ears for added protection. While you may be pulling off a trendy one, you may catch a cold because your ears are freezing.

Know What to Buy and Avoid – How to Choose a Beanie

Still don’t have any idea which to pick? Here are some beanies you can get:

    • Classic Cuffed Beanie. This beanie is the most versatile and the most popular out there. It has a hip-hop style, and you can wear it with any casual outfit.
    • Fisherman Beanie. As a workwear-inspired look, the fisherman beanie is the hipster’s beanie of choice for the winter season. 
    • Bobble Hat. A bobble hat has a pom-pom at the top. Surprisingly, the pom-pom on hats was widely used by military men during Napoleon’s time. The pom-poms signify the difference between companies. The bobble hat is still used by most men today because it provides comfort and makes you look fashionable as well, especially during the winter season.

Here are some beanies you may want to avoid:

  • Baggy Beanies. Generally, baggy beanies do not look good for most men. While it may look presentable to some, others would not dare to wear it outside. Baggy beanies are oversized and slouchy, making your face shape look a tad weird.
  • Novelty Beanies. There are different novelty beanie designs you can see in shops. But these beanies are not only impractical, but they also tend to be a bit off for your everyday casual wear. 
  • Peaked Beanies. Peaked or Visor beanies are brimmed beanies. They go well with a few styles, and hey, brims are better on baseball caps than wool beanies.


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