Our hair can make or break our personality. Look at Prince William, did he not look like a whole other person, when he has a head full of hair. I would say that even with the receding hairline, he still looks dapper, but everyone is not as lucky as him.In this article you will read about, knowing these 6 secrets will make your hair look amazing!

So, the rest of us non-royal population needs to make an effort to make our hair look as nice as it can look.

And what is the better place to start than at home? So, here are the six secrets to the most common hair problems, people have to battle.

The Washing Regime

Before getting into the technical kind of hair, let us clear the basics first. The basic hair care starts with the way you wash your hair.

For me, that was a given, who would need lessons for washing hair, right?

Wrong, there are so many common mistakes that we do while we take a head bath. The first starts with the temperature of the water you take you take a bath with. he thing to remember is not to wash your Hair Look with scorching hot water that will make your scalp as dry as the Sahara, and we do not want that. All the essential oils will be stripped from your hair, rather ruthlessly, if you do not wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Then it would help if you remembered not to wash your hair every day and do not even think about doing that twice a day. Shampoos and conditioners can damage your hair if you overdo it. So, take a head bath every other day or even twice a week would work.

The Coffee Conditioner

Who doesn’t want hair that gleams in the dark? I certainly do, and if you want that too, the answer is in your morning cup of coffee.

Yes, every morning, when you brew yourself a cup of coffee, brew another one for your hair without the sugar and cream, of course.

Don’t drink it or pour it directly on your hair; it would be too hot. Cool the coffee for some time; you can even refrigerate if you cannot wait that long.

Then take a bath, shampoo your hair, and rinse it off thoroughly. Then skip the regular conditioner you use and replace it with the cold, black, sugarless coffee. Trust me; you would start shining as bright as diamonds.

You can do this step every time you take a head bath.

The Yogurt Concoction

Yogurt has a lot of benefits, and the fact that it tastes marvelous makes it even more beneficial. 

Its benefits also move to the realm of our hair. If you want hair that is as voluminous, lustrous, and healthy as that of a commercial shampoo model, here is what you need to do.

  • Take three tablespoons of yogurt;
  • Add two teaspoons of honey;
  • Then mix one teaspoon of olive oil in the mix.

When the concoction is prepared, you just have a apply it to your hair and keep it applied for half an hour. 

After that, take a nice long bath, wash your hair with shampoo and condition thoroughly. Your hair would start changing for the better.

The Egg Benefit

Hair fall is one problem that many of us suffer from. Some on a moderate level, while others lose hundreds of strands in a day. The result is a decrease in volume and a receding headline.

Once that happens, the damage is too far gone. A hair transplant may just be your only option, and that would definitely make you take up instant online loans from direct lenders because the cost won’t be compatible with your budget otherwise.

A simple remedy for the same is the use of the economic egg. Our hair is made of a protein called keratin. Because of this, egg Is the most suitable to strengthen the hair and lock them into their follicles to never again separate.

All you need to do is take a raw egg or three and smear the yolk all over your scalp and the ends as well. 

Keep the egg on your hair for 30 minutes. The raw egg has a strong, pungent smell; if you do not like it, you can add honey, yogurt, or a dash of lemon in it, and the smell will disappear. And you will still get all the benefits.

The Oats Blend

Oats are healthy for all of us, and they taste quite delicious as well. If something is healthy for our body, it is bound to be healthy for our hair.

And it is. 

Oats are claimed to be very effective in eliminating dandruff. A reason for the same is often said to be the stickiness present in the actual oats. 

You are leading the way to the recipe for dandruff removal. You need to take a cup of oats along with two cups of hot water and blend it. Once that is done, you need to squeeze out all the liquid.

After shampooing your hair, you need to put the oats liquid all over your scalp, keep massaging for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Try doing it twice a week for early results.

The Essential Oils

Long hair has a charm of its own. People might not like too long locks for themselves, but they would certainly appreciate it on others. So, the last secret is for hair growth that is as rapid as rapid can be.

For this one, you need two things!

  • Pumpkin Oil;
  • And Peppermint Essential Oil.

It would help if you had a few tablespoons of both; however, remember that the ratio of pumpkin to peppermint oil should be 2:1.

After doing your measurements, you should warm up to mix, not too hot, though. Once the oils are warmed up, you just have to apply it all over your hair. Focus on roots and the scalp, massage with the aim of pushing all the oil nutrients into your hair follicles.

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Keep doing it, and within a few weeks, you would see a growth of about two inches in your hair.

And that was all; I hope you would try at least some to them and notice a visible change.


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