Having the best luxury blankets for your home is usually a privilege, especially during the cold winter days. Nothing beats the feeling of a warm, luxurious blanket that provides warmth and comfort.

It’s always comforting to sit by the fireplace sipping your hot coffee while wrapped tightly with your luxe bed throw or blanket. The best luxury blankets and bed throws are usually trendy while adding style and elegance to your room. Although the luxury bed throws and blankets prime purpose is to provide warmth and comfort, their distinction lies in features, uses, and benefits.

Luxury Blankets vs Bed Throws

What’s the difference between a bed throw and a blanket, and aren’t they the same? One might ask. The answer is simply a no because covers are generally larger compared to bed throws.

Blankets usually cover the entire bed and are part and parcel of the bedding. They are bedspreads starting on the bed foot, and then they tuck in. Bed throws, however, are not designed for covering an entire bed but can be used for wrapping you up from the neck to your feet while keeping you warm. Bed throws, however, are more colorful and eye-catchy than blankets and are usable outside the bedroom.

In terms of blanket and throw design, material, color or pattern, both come in an array of choices. One thing for sure, all the luxury blankets and throw materials are high quality, durable, and exceptionally comfortable. Nonetheless, bed throws have fringes and designs that are more voguish. Luxury throws can be used as room accessories or hang in living room walls to bring elegance and style.

Shopping for a luxe blanket or bed throw? What you need to consider:

The best luxury blankets and throws usually are high-end, stylish, and comfortable. They offer exquisite fabrics and designs having a personal touch, hence keeping customers satisfied.

Elegant bed throws and blankets have an exceptional quality that uses superlative quality materials. The materials range from natural fibers such as linen, sheep’s wool, cashmere, fine cotton, alpaca to synthetics such as acrylic and polyester. However, the selection entirely depends on an individual need, as we shall see in the article. Below are some of the fundamental factors to consider while selecting a luxe blanket or throw.

Material or Fabric type

When it comes to the blanket or throw fabric or material choice, a few factors come into consideration. Do you prefer a piece of fabric or material that’s fluffy, smooth, or warmer? And How cold is the place your living in, is it extremely cold or mildly cold. Below are some of the materials for your best luxury home blankets.

  • Synthetics

Luxury synthetic blankets and usually throws comprise of a fiber that’s either acrylic or polyester. These materials are generally of high quality making them durable, shrink, and also stretch resistant. Synthetic fiber is also wrinkle-resistant, easily washable, fast at drying while providing warmth.

Synthetic blankets and bed throws are a perfect fit for those cold winter seasons.

  • Wool

The wool material comes from the fibers of sheep, goats, or fleece of lambs. The fabric is entirely breathable and can keep you warm during the entire winter season.

  • Linen

Luxe linen material used for both the luxury blankets and bed throws come from a flax plant fiber. The fabric usually is cool, absorbent, and perfect for summer weather.

  • Cotton

The cotton material contains naturals fiber that’s lightweight, comfortable, and also breathable. The fabric is easily washable and even perfectly reusable. The cotton fabric usually is the perfect fit for warm climatic conditions.

  • Fleece

When you’re considering purchasing a luxury blanket or bed throw that’s suitable for warm summer weather, then wool is the best material alternative. The luxe blanket or throw fabric is not that heavy or thick making it perfect for summer.

  • Down

The best down luxury blankets material is usually composed of two fabric layers having down feathers in between them. Despite the fabric being thin and light, they certainly are designed to keep you warm.

  • Cashmere

Luxury bed throw and blankets having cashmere fabric are due to the production of high-quality goat wool. The material is elegant and incredibly soft, creating a luxurious, comfortable, and opulent feel. The cashmere fabric is usually best for a dry clean only. Despite the material being lightweight, it provides adequate warmth.

  • Alpaca

The fabric that makes the alpaca comes typically from an alpaca fleece harvested. The alpaca material texture depends on the coats spun, resulting in the alpaca being lightweight or heavy. The luxury alpaca material is highly durable, not to forget its soft and silky nature. The luxurious, soft wool is perfect for keeping you warm at all times

The Blankets Secret: TheWarmth Level

The selection of a luxury blanket or bed throw depend on how warm you need to be or how chilly the weather is where one stays. The fabric’s warmth depends on the weave or fabric type.

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Cotton fabric is convenient for summer climates, while materials such as fleece, wool, and synthetic are convenient for winter seasons. Another factor worth noting is the moisture wick a fabric has. The moisture wick fabrics are heat and moisture preventative while blankets and bed throw having wool, cotton, and silk are breathable and useful for keeping you warm. Lastly, synthetic materials are convenient for chilly winter seasons.

Final Words – A blanket should be a perfect fit for a bed

When shopping for a blanket or bed throw, it is important to select the perfect fitting material size that matches your bed. Blankets and bed throw come in different sizes, and it’s essential to choose the one that fits perfectly.

Having a little blanket in your bedroom may seem odd and fail to cover your bed, while an oversized sheet will lag around the bed, making it difficult to wrap your bed. The best luxury blankets, however, come in different sizes categories specific for different bed types such as king, queen, twin, Double or full, and lastly, California king-sized bed.

Always make sure before purchasing a blanket, you have the proper bed measurements that also include drapes. Bed throws, although the smaller blanket version, also come in multiple bed sizes. Hopefully, this piece of content will help you to buy the best luxury blankets for your home.


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